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▲: i'm not gay!

▼: sure your not bro

▲: i'm not!

▼: its okay you know
▼: you can come out of the closet now

▲: everyone seems to think i am!
▲: what? no!

▼: everyone knows your not a homosexual john

▲: there are no closets to be stepping out of.

▼: except me
▼: i see the way you look bro
▼: no excuses
▼: just tell me
▼: im your bro

▲: no, but. dave!

▼: you can trust me

▲: i'm not.
▲: i'm really really not.

▼: sure
▼: and im not cool

▲: no but you are cool!
▲: you are the coolest of cool.

▼: and you are gay
▼: its okay dude

▲: but...
▲: ughhh.

▼: see
▼: just come out bro
▼: its just me
▼: im not gonna go around spillin your shit

▲: but i really don't think...
▲: i just get these weird feelings for uh...
▲: formaybekarkat.

▼: oh
▼: you like karkat

▲: i don't know!

▼: well if you tell me your true feelings
▼: ill tell you something
▼: that no one knows
▼: man its so uncool
▼: trust me

▲: you have a secret?

▼: just one bro

▲: theres nothing about you that could be uncool, dave!
▲: pshh.

▼: you wont say that after i tell you
▼: if i do

▲: ok. well. uh.
▲: i guess. sometimes. i think about guys. in a not-so-straight-friends kind of way.
▲: i don't know if...that means i'm gay or...
▲: i don't know.

▼: yeah man
▼: your either gay
▼: or bisexual bro
▼: ready for mine now

▲: yeah.

▼: this is bad
▼: but uh
▼: i guess im all fucking
▼: pansexual
▼: you know

▲: is that bad?

▼: it just is

▲: doesn't that mean that you would like anyone, regardless of gender?
▲: i don't get why that's...bad...

▼: yeah i like them for them or what the fuck ever
▼: it just is man

▲: wow i never thought that you...
▲: well, anyway!

▼: yeah
▼: exactly

▲: i sitll don't understand why that's bad. i mean it's good. like you'd think about someone's personality first.
▲: what, what's exactly?

▼: nothing
▼: whatever

▲: dave...

▼: what
▼: what is it egderp

▲: you just sound upset! i'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you!

▼: im not
▼: im cool

▲: i don't see why it's bad, but if it makes you upset, i'm sorry...
▲: oh...ok...

▼: its cool john
▼: i dont think about it
▼: your the first person ive ever told

▲: but thats great, though!

▼: how

▲: it makes me happy, that, you know...
▲: i don't know, we both...
▲: hehe.
▲: i always thought, for some reason, because i was scared, i guess...that you'd think differently of me.

▼: wait what
▼: what are you saying man
▼: are you saying that
▼: because your gay or whatever
▼: i would hate you

▲: no!
▲: no i guess i was just scared...that you'd see me differently, i guess.
▲: not that you'd hate me, or anything.

▼: whats that supposed to mean

▲: i don't know...
▲: i was just scared, dave.

▼: well dont

▲: maybe that you'd hate me...

▼: i wouldnt hate you man
▼: your my bro

▲: because i don't know what i'd do without you.
▲: you're my best friend!

▼: well you have karkat
▼: and jade
▼: and rose
▼: you would do fine without me man

▲: what?

▼: nothing

▲: what are you even saying?

▼: nothing john

▲: i don't...i don't care about them the way i care about you.

▼: well im just a bro man
▼: dont you feel pretty fucking fluffy for karkat

▲: but...dave...
▲: what?

▼: okay here
▼: im saying
▼: without me
▼: everything would be normal ya know
▼: you have alot of other people

▲: i don't...i don't like karkat! i guess, he just made me think about it all because he brought some things up.

▼: you would be good
▼: you dont

▲: but i don't want to be "good"

▼: i thought you felt all gay for him

▲: i mean, i thought about it with him. i guess. jeez this is kind of awkward to talk about.
▲: because i hadn't ever really...questioned the way i felt before about, you know, people...
▲: and he was the first person that ever really...said anything about it.

▼: what did he say
▼: oh john
▼: i fucking love you with my faggy self
▼: wanna go out oh bluh bluh shit shit
▼: shit what does karkat say'
▼: its been forever since ive talked to him

▲: he actually said he hated me.
▲: you know, that weird

▼: oh that black romance shit
▼: whatever

▲: yeah...

▼: his lady was hitting on me pretty hard you know

▲: i know.

▼: for a blind chick im pretty suprised
▼: but anyway

▲: i think. that maybe it was easier to think things. about someone i've never actually met. you know?
▲: and that made me realize that, i guess. maybe i'm kinda...kinda maybe not so straight.
▲: well of course she was hitting on you, dave!
▲: you're awesome! and the coolest guy around. cooler than karkat, obviously.

▼: yeah but you know
▼: im not intrested in her
▼: wouldnt work out

▲: why not? you guys seemed pretty...close.

▼: well i mean there were times when i thought of hitting up her offer
▼: but i dont like her
▼: not like that

▲: oh.

▼: so karkat hit on you
▼: and terezi hit on me
▼: and now those two are together

▲: yeah. they are...
▲: heh.

▼: are you digging anyone eles john

▲: what?
▲: no, uh, of course not!

▼: oh okay

▲: that would be...weird.

▼: just wondering
▼: how would it be weird

▲: what? not weird. i didn't mean weird.
▲: that was not really the word i wanted to use there.

▼: are you okay john
▼: you should
▼: oh i dont know
▼: calm the fuck down

▲: i'm not....not calm.
▲: i'm definitely great!
▲: fine. and awesome.
▲: i don't really want to talk about who i like anymore, i think.
▲: do you like anyone, dave?
▲: ...dave?

▼: sorry bro
▼: um
▼: what
▼: im fuckin confused
▼: you dont want to talk about who you like
▼: and obviously your freaking the fuck out

▲: i'm not freaking out.

▼: who is it
▼: yeah you are

▲: i'm not.

▼: john
▼: yes
▼: you are

▲: it just wouldn't work out, okay?

▼: how wouldnt it

▲: so...i don't really want to talk about it.

▼: is it one of those assholes
▼: it is isnt it

▲: dave. i don't want to talk about it.

▼: dont tell me you still feel for karkat
▼: shit that would be messed up
▼: since hes got a girl and all

▲: i just don't want to talk about it, dave!

▼: and why the fuck not

▲: can we just please drop it.

▼: maybe i dont want to drop it

▲: because it makes me sad, ok?
▲: why can't we drop it?

▼: why does it make you sad

▲: i told you. it wouldn't work out. because they don't think about me the same way.

▼: well who is it
▼: you never know man ive talked to some of the trolls
▼: i got them to confess

▲: dave.
▲: can you stop, please?

▼: ugh
▼: fuck
▼: fine whatever
▼: not like i care

▲: what?

▼: nothing man
▼: drop it
▼: remember

▲: ...
▲: f-fine...
▲: if i tell you its one of the trolls will you not be upset and leave it alone?

▼: you have to tell me the truth
▼: im not standing for that bullshit
▼: and then i wont leave it alone

▲: you wont know if anythings the truth, theoretically, right?

▼: shut up
▼: and tell me

▲: im..
▲: im not going to lie.

▼: good

▲: but i'd really rather not tell you.

▼: oh my god
▼: just tell me john

▲: why?
▲: why is this so gog damn important?

▼: because i want to know thats why

▲: it hurts enough, dave!

▼: oh you think that hurts

▲: what?

▼: forget it
▼: just drop it
▼: i give up
▼: dont tell me

▲: o-ok...
▲: what...what would you say if i said it was eridan?

▼: what
▼: the
▼: fuck
▼: i swear
▼: i hope your lieing to me

▲: ok.
▲: what would you say if i said it was equius?

▼: no
▼: i dont believe that
▼: not your type

▲: what...would you say if i said it was sollux?

▼: nope

▲: what if it was tavros?

▼: mmm
▼: nah
▼: not really

▲: ok. what if it was gamzee?

▼: no way

▲: what...if...i said it was karkat?

▼: its karkat isnt it
▼: i should have figured

▲: what if i said itwasyou...

▼: what
▼: stop lying
▼: its karkat isnt it
▼: just tell me
▼: ugh

▲: uh...

▼: uh what

▲: want me to say it's karkat?

▼: no
▼: i really dont
▼: but i want you to tell me the truth
▼: who do you seriously like
▼: not any what ifs damnit
▼: just say it

▲: well, it's one of those...
▲: well, it's definitely not eridan or equius.

▼: my guess is karkat

▲: its not sollux. or tavros.
▲: and it's not gamzee.

▼: its still karkat

▲: and...uh.
▲: it's not karkat.

▼: then who the hell is left

▲: uh...
▲: oh man...

▼: what
▼: me

▲: you're left. y-yeah...
▲: dave?
▲: please...please don't be mad.
▲: oh gog...
▲: i'm really sorry.
▲: i just...

▼: what

▲: i'm so sorry. please don't hate me.

▼: do you have any idea how uncool i just got john'

▲: i'm sorry!
▲: i know...i know we're best bros.

▼: i pretty much sounded like i just flipped shit because i thought you were telling me you liked karkat
▼: i sounded like a bitch back there
▼: but im not angry
▲: it''s okay.

▲: you really can pretend uh. i didn't say anything...

▼: im actualy happy bro

▲: if you want...
▲: what?

▼: i got pissed because i thought you were digging karkat
▼: but no man
▼: im actualy happy

▲: uh...what?

▼: uh that sounded really uncoll
▼: cool
▼: damnit
▼: ugh
▼: but yeah man i like you too
▼: thats why i was getting so bitchy back there

▲: me too?
▲: but...but we're best bros and you always say that and...
▲: and i thought that...

▼: yeah we are best bros dude
▼: doesnt mean i cant like you more than a bro though

▲: you would laugh at me dave i'm being really...really uncool right now!
▲: i'm smiling so much!

▼: when arent you being uncool
▼: heh

▲: hehe.
▲: you'll always be cooler than me!
▲: i'm sorry i uh...worried you. into thinking i liked karkat.
▲: i think it was easier for me to think about liking him because i didn't, actually, to

▼: wait what
▼: you well
▼: yeah
▼: the reason i didnt accept terezis offer is because i liked you and not her
▼: even though i could have just tooken it
▼: i kind of
▼: uh nevermind
▼: but yeah

▲: you kind of what?
▲: i'm glad you didn't accept terezi's offer!

▼: i guess when i saw how you and karkat were always talking and shit
▼: i got kind of jealous or whatever
▼: even though thats uncool
▼: i thought of taking her offer so i could make you or karkat jealous
▼: but that was a stupid idea

▲: oh...
▲: well...i'm glad you didn't!
▲: really...really glad.
homestuck does not belong to me. it belongs to andrew hussie, as do the characters.

just dave and john, derping about feelings as usual. or usual, i guess.

i played john. (really badly, but that's cool!)
dave -- ??
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And in the end I was fangirling so hard, I can't even...Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 
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